Hello and Welcome to The Craveable Kitchen

Hi, and welcome to my new food blog!  I appreciate you stopping by and I can’t wait to start cooking for you and with you. What makes my kitchen so craveable? Well, that’s going to be the fun part, because cravings can be oh so unpredictable! Ultimately, I learned to cook because I loved to eat so much, and when I started to realize I could create the food I was craving right in my own home I became kinda hooked!

I always joke that I have a fat-tooth. You know, instead of a sweet-tooth? Instead of craving sugar and chocolate (although I crave that stuff, too), I have always craved salty, fatty, crunchy stuff.  No wonder my favorite food group is Chips and Dip! But as I am sure anyone can understand, my cravings change over the years and through the seasons. Sometimes I want fresh, wholesome foods instead of those fatty comfort dishes. And sometimes I choose to cook something simply because I crave the satisfaction of creating something with my own two hands, like bread or ravioli or braised short ribs! So you’ll see, this kitchen will be packed with all kinds of recipes. My hope is that as I share my craving-based recipes with you it will spark a craving in you, sending you straight into your kitchen to cook something craveable, too!

So pull up a chair. Introduce yourself in the comments, and tell me what kinds of food you crave!


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