Meet Emily

Emily Brooks

Hi! I’m Emily and I am so excited to share my Craveable Kitchen with you! Sharing recipes and inspiring people to cook great-tasting food for their family and friends is one of my favorite things to do.

Food has always played an important part of my life and cravings for my favorite foods motivated me to start cooking. My hobby evolved, eventually leading me to culinary school.  From there, I enjoyed an adventurous and dynamic career in food and hospitality for over 20 years.

In an unexpected twist of fate, I ended up changing careers. When the pandemic hit in 2020, I realized I needed a change, so I enrolled in an online web development program and 2-years later I landed a job as a junior web developer. It’s been an exciting time, to say the least!

One of the most enjoyable side effects of no longer cooking for my profession is that I now get to cook just for the fun of it!  I get to cook whatever I want to feed myself and my family, and I find it incredibly rewarding.

I always knew I would want to get back to blogging, and now the time is finally here. Doubly exciting for me is that this blog also gets to be a place where I can practice my new developer skills. Who would have thought that I could recipe develop and web develop my very own food blog?

That being said, I hope you’ll notice the simplicity of this space.  After all, my goal is to share recipes and help readers easily create great tasting food. I’m not trying to be an “influencer” or gain followers. I just want the food to shine. Which is why I redesigned my blog to highlight the recipes, not distracting ads or pop ups. I hope this makes for a more enjoyable user experience, and creates a space you like to visit.

So the truth is, this blog is my personal playground to do the things I love most – cook, share, learn and grow. Thank you for coming alongside me!  I look forward to cooking something craveable together!