11 Healthy Snack Recipes

As follow up to this recent post about the challenges of healthy snacking, I decided to round up some more nutritious recipes to help us all satisfy those pesky snack cravings. I called on some fellow food-blogger friends and asked them to share their favorite healthy snack recipes. Since “healthy” means so many things these days, this list has something for everyone. From vegan to gluten-free or dairy-free, from sweet-tooth to savory snackers, we’ve got something for you to indulge in no matter your craving.

Vegan Vigilante’s Cookie Dough Bites

I mean, she had me at cookie dough…

Healthy Snack: Vegan Vigilante Cookie Bites


Mix My Table’s Tropical Energy Snack Bites

This recipe had me at Energy….am I the only one who feels like I could use a burst of good ol’ fashioned energy?!

Healthy Snack: Tropical Energy Bites Mix My Table


Journey to the Garden’s Maple Rosemary Almonds

This recipe excites me because the almonds look like little decadent jewels! But more importantly, I am always looking for candied nut recipes that don’t call for egg or butter, so this dairy-free, vegan option totally hits the mark.

Healthy Snacks: Maple Rosemary Almonds Journey to the Garden


Vegan Vigilante’s Black Bean Stuffed Mini Peppers

Miniature peppers makes it feel like a snack, but black beans and pearl couscous make it filling. Snacks should satisfy, otherwise, you’ll just want another snack in ten minutes!

Healthy Snack: Black Bean Stuffed Mini Peppers Vegan Vigilante


Project Meal Plan’s Cinnamon Apple Date Bars

Dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, packed with fiber and nutritionally dense? Now, that’s a snack worth snacking on!

Healthy Snack: No-Bake-Cinnamon-Apple-Date-Bars - Project Meal Plan


Mix My Table’s Cinnamon Apple Chip Snackers

Maybe it’s a Michigan thing, but I love all great apple recipes, and when they involve snacking, all the better!

Healthy Snack Recipe: Mix My Table - Apple Snackers


Lemon Thymes’ Vegan Banana Bread

Since I love freshly baked bread of any kind, I appreciate a recipe that indulges my cravings while offering a healthier twist. I’m also super intrigued by the coconut milk in this recipe.

Healthy Snack: Vegan Banana Bread_Lemon Thymes


Feeding Gluten Free’s Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Balls

This is the type of recipe I would make for a gluten-free, dairy-free client, and myself. No-bake, ready in less than 10 minutes, and sure-to-satisfy are the best kind of sweet-tooth recipes, IMO.

Healthy Snack: Feeding Gluten Free - Peanut Butter Balls


L.S. Live Well’s Coconut Yogurt Sundae

Everyone gets a craving for ice cream from time to time, am I right?! I love this play on a classic food craving so you can feel indulgent, but you won’t go over board and eat an entire carton of ice cream on the couch! (A small carton, but still…)

Healthy Snack: LS Livewell Coconut Yogurt Sundae


Fit Mitten Kitchen’s Paleo Cacao Coffee Protein Bars

And now….coffee….yes, please!! I’ll take it in a cup, I’ll take it frozen in my ice cream and I’ll certainly take it in these beautiful, healthy little snackers.

Healthy Snack: Cacao-Coffee-Protein-Bars Fit Mitten Kitchen


The Craveable Kitchen’s Avocado-Sweet Pea Hummus 

And finally, we all know by now that I crave my chips and dip! Luckily, this recipe is a snack I can feel pretty darn good about.

Healthy Snacking: Avocado-Sweet Pea Hummus The Craveable Kitchen


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