Chef Emily

Emily Wilson

Hi! I’m Emily and I am so excited to share my Craveable Kitchen with you! I’ve had a long and adventurous career in the food industry, from hostess and line cook to caterer and personal chef. But what I love most is inspiring people to cook great tasting food for their family and friends. Blogging is the perfect forum because it allows me to share my inspiration, tips and recipes with people near and far!

From accounting in Chicago to culinary school in Denver, catering in New York City, and then recipe development and food photography back in Detroit all roads led to starting my own business – Guest Chef. As a personal chef and caterer serving metro Detroit (although I have knives and will travel!) I am constantly coming up with new ways to feed my clients. What better place to share all those ideas but with my very own food blog. From weekly meal inspiration to party planning tips to crowd-pleasing recipes, I’ve got a lot in store for the Craveable Kitchen and I can’t wait to cook great food with you.

We live in an age where people don’t feel they have time to cook, and our heritage of learning traditional skills by watching our moms and grandmas in the kitchen is a nostalgic idea gone-by. Well, let me share a little insider info with you here and now since we’re gonna be friends and all – my grandma actually lived with us when I was growing up. But, she was a total renaissance woman. She worked full time, was a member of multiple bridge groups, an usher at multiple theaters and she had a ton of friends which kept her busy and social. Of all the things I learned by watching grandma live life to the fullest, making pie dough from scratch was not one of them. In fact, growing up in the eighties, my family relied heavily on convenience food products and very little on cooking anything from scratch. No wonder I hated asparagus (from a can!) but loved KRAFT mac’ and cheese!

Despite the eighties, I did learn to love food at a very early age. Eventually, cravings for my favorite eats would motivate me to start cooking. What started as a hobby grew into a passion leading me straight to culinary school. I’ve been committed to making, serving and eating great food ever since, proving it’s never too late to get cooking! I hope you will cook with me, too!